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Hi! I’m Johnny Lynum and welcome to Operation Invest. Our primary goal at Operation Invest is to assist busy professionals like yourself find an alternative to the roller coaster ride of the stock market. We primarily accomplish this through investing in passive income opportunities in both the single family and multifamily real estate asset class.

Historically, Real estate continues to be a great alternative to stocks, by offering lower risk, yielding better returns, and providing greater diversification. We typically work with IT professionals, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers and other busy professionals who don’t have the time to find these type of passive income opportunities or the time required to effectively manage these opportunities. We find the deals, identify the areas where our team can provide additional value, drive efficiencies and effectively reduce operating expenses thus increasing the income produced by the asset. 

You as the investor receive cash distributions from your investment and ultimately a profit at sale. Right now, our typical investor target return is 8%-10% cash return a year and down the road at sale we look to accomplish a 15% to 20% internal rate of return. Our hold period for single family homes is usually 4 to 6 months and our apartment deals are usually held between 2-5 years. 

We work with non-accredited, sophisticated, and accredited investors. Our typical minimum investment is $25k on some of our deals with the average contribution being $50k. Additionally,  I always like to let investors know that you can use an IRA to participate in our real estate deals via a self directed IRA. 

As a savvy investor, you understand time is your most precious asset in accomplishing your investment goals. I recognize how important experience and teamwork are to mission success. I have served 15 years in the US Air Force and have led many diverse teams. From managing a $1.3 Billion dollar development contract to leading intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations abroad. We provide this experience and teamwork to each one of our clients to ensure they are successful now and in the future. 

We work tirelessly to add value to our investor partners through education about the single family and multifamily asset classes, so they can make the right decision about diversifying their portfolio and accomplishing their long term goals. One of the best ways to educate yourself on our company and what it is we do is to contact us on our website. On our site, you can continue to educate yourself on some of these areas via our blogs, podcasts, Youtube channel, special reports and signup for a one on one consultation. I would love to get 30 minutes to learn more about you and your investing goals and see if you are a good fit to join our investor partner team!

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